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Raichel Le Goff
Lectures and articles with the art historian Dr. Raichel Le Goff, BAHons, MSt (Oxon), PhDClassics

Lectures and Articles by Raichel Le Goff

        After graduating from the prestigious Courtauld Institute, London University, Raichel has had an inter-disciplinary career in the Humanities. With a postgraduate degree in History from Oxford, having studied under the Renaissance scholar Martin Kemp, Raichel went on to complete a PhD in Classics.
Her thesis was on the extraordinary book on art written in the 3rd century AD by Philostratus the Elder. The thesis traced the way artists from 1500 onward interpreted the ekphrasis and converted Philostratus’ text into paintings. After living in Europe since her teen years, Raichel returned to Australia and has lectured on the History and Theory of Art and Architecture for a number of years. Raichel is currently Postdoctoral Research Associate and Lecturer at the School of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Newcastle, NSW Australia.

A selection of Dr. Raichel Le Goff published articles.

since 1992

Pre-20th Century Art 
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Art Research :
A QUESTION OF ICONOGRAPHY Cecco del Caravaggio painting difficult  to decipher
A NEWLY DISCOVERED PAINTING BY GIULIO ROMANO Joseph Reveals His Dreams to his Brothers, afrter Raphael
PAOLO de MATTEIS : PROVENANCE FOUND Pan and Syrinx, a painting with an interesting past
ART AND THE VIEW IN 17TH CENTURY ITALY Agostino Carracci as Teacher
VENETIAN PORTRAITURE 1475-1575 The so-called Belle Donne portraits
RE-CREATING ANTIQUITY IN THE RENAISSANCE Alfonso d'Este's camerino d'alabastro in Ferrara
DOLCE'S "L'ARETINO' AND VENETIAN ART THEORY  'L'Aretino' was published in 1557 by Ludovico Dolce
A LOOK AT EUGENE FROMENTIN'S  Les MaĂ®tres d'autrefois (1876) travelogue by French artist
GIOTTO AND FILIPPINO LIPPI PAINT THE SAME SUBJECT The Raising of Drusiana : in the Perruzi and Strozzi Chapels, Florence
A LOOK AT HUIZINGA'S 'The Waning of the Middle Ages 1924 Text examines sterility of the imagination in Middle Ages
FUNCTIONS OF POMPEII'S MYTHOLOGICAL PAINTINGS Fresco cycles and the Pompeiian viewer
THE HERITAGE OF APELLES Seeking an answer to Pollaiuolo's Battle of the Nudes
THE EMERGENCE OF THE VENETIAN PORTRAIT Did it all begin with Antonella da Messina?
THE SALA DEL'UDIENZE OF COSIMO I, DUKE OF TUSCANY Frescoes by Salviati in Florence's Palazzo Vecchio
THE VILLA OF THE MYSTERIES AT POMPEII The rituals of Dionysus and the legacy of Greece
HAVE YOU SEEN THESE FRESCOES? The hunt for Salviati's missing lunettes, Florence
READING THE PARTHENON  What we can do is look at the unwritten evidence....

20th Century and Contemporary Art :
Centro per l'Art Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italy
9th June - 9th September 2001
SOL  LE  WITT : RETROSPECTIVE SF MOMA, exhibition, San Francisco 2000

BritArt personality adorns Sigmund Freud's house with sexy sculpture
BERNARD BUFFET Obituary of French artist, suicide 1999
PIERRE BONNARD Introduction to exhibition at Martigny, Switzerland, 1999
TRIBUTE TO LUIS BUNUEL IN SCULPTURE Angel Orensanz creates sculpture to the famous film director, Madrid 2001
FRANCESCO CLEMENTE Introduction to the exhibition of this Italian-born New York artist at the Guggenheim, Bilbao. 2000
LOVIS CORINTH'S ART : SURVIVING BERLIN Introduction to the 1999  exhbition in Madrid of this artist termed 'degenerate' by the Nazis
CRACKING ART : ITALY'S PLASTIC FANTASTICS Review of  'Musicarte' exhibition in Florence, Dec. 2000
JOHN CURRIN  A giant step for civilization ! Cranach/John Currin

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"2 Tableaux d'Ambassade"

Jean Marc NATTIER,  (1685-1766)

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