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"Luis Bunuel" sculpture by Angel Orensanz, Parc of the Nations, Madrid

MADRID - A sculpture piece by Angel  Orensanz titled “Luis Bunuel” was installed February, 16th 2001 at the entrance of the Parc of the Nations in Madrid.This sculpture work is a commission of the City of Calanda, the birthplace of Luis Bunuel, where  it will be permanently installed after a short tour through places significant in the life and work  of this master of world cinema.This sculpture piece memorializes the centennial of Luis Bunuel,  and retraces the itinerary of Bunuel fromZaragoza to Paris. The sculpture was designed and fabricated by Orensanz in Zaragoza; and  it is going to be on view for a month at the Park of the Nations in Madrid, then it will go to the campus of the University of Madrid and finally to Paris, France.

The central theme of this sculpture piece is the mythical eye of Bunuel, from his “Un chien Andalou” to the rest of his works, that is as well the globe of the world.  On this   tour of his work , Orensanz continues a feature of his work that consists of setting his art in  ransit,integrating his piece to several political, cultural and social environments. From being a still object the art piece becomes a moving icon. That was the case with his “Kosovo Tent” in which Orensanz took on tour to three European cities (Geneva, Brussels  and Strasbourg, and to New York; and with his “Grozny Bus” in Italy that won him the “Lorenzo il Magnifico  ward”  during the last Biennale of Florence.

Angel Orensanz can be contacted in Madrid at his cell phone #34-649113349.

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