LUNETTE 1 - Le Pieridi trasformate in cornachie 
'The Pierids transformed into Crows'
after Francesco Salviati c.1560

Ovid, Metamorphoses 5: 294-314 and 602-678
This is one of the lesser known episodes depicted in renaissance art. It refers to the contest between the Nine Virgins called the Pierides and the Nine Muses. The Pierides challenged the Muses to a singing contest on the banks of the spring Hippocrene here depicted as a fountain. For their audacity, they were turned into crows which you see here in the centre tree. 

Any information about the whereabouts of the lunettes can be directed to Raichel Le Goff of Trinity College, Oxford who is conducting research on the Palazzo. All information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. 
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1. Le pieridi trasformate in cornacchie "The Pierids transformed into Crows"

2. Aracne sfida Minerva "Minerva Challenged by Arachne"

3. Atteone trasformato in cervo "Actaeon transformed into a Stag"

4. Come Mida ebbe le orecchie d'asino "Midas with the ears of an Ass"

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