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LUNETTE 2 - Aracne sfida Minerva "Minerva Challenged by Arachne"
after Francesco Salviati c. 1560

Ovid, Metamorphoses 6: 5-145
The scene shows Arachne a young woman of Lydia who was famed for her skill in weaving sitting at the loom. A group of nymphs watches her weave a miraculous cloth depicting the loves of the gods. Minerva was so enraged by this and envious of Arachne's skill that she tore the cloth to pieces. Overcome with grief Arachne tires to hang herself but at the last moment Minerva takes pity on the girl and transforms her into a spider dangling from a thread.  Minerva is usually shown wearing her armour but in this scene such a costume is not evident. It is unlikely the goddess is represented as the old woman who lunges toward Arachne so she may be one of the figures standing. 

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